Fabrica Lounge space

Lounge area arrangement : layout and furniture design


Internal project in Fabrica

Realised with the Fabrica design studio team, function : project leader

Photo credit : Giulia De Marchi

Inhabit the space, Modify it

The Fabrica Lounge Space is a place to meet, share news, relax, etc.

Manifesto : Taking inspiration from Tadao Ando’s architecture which we inhabit, we developed a concept in order to expresse the essence of Fabrica : A place to share that is constantly evolving. We aimed to create a space that provides a calm atmosphere and the freedom and flexibility to grow through Fabricanti’s time here.


Modular grid system with cork bricks

To display, communicate, modify the space


Cork seat in the grass

Adapted to the angles of the lawn in Fabrica

Using Format