A collection based on Lebanese Objects


Developed during a 2 months residency Beirut Art Residency x Joy Mardini Gallery

Exposed during Beirut design week May 2017

Sell by Joy Mardini gallery

Reading Chair in steel, leather and wood moucharabieh panels

Carafe Lamp in glass, brass, led

Reading chair that can be open or close according to your mood

Technical detail :

Bespoke laser cut hinges



Atypical strives to re-imagine the functions of classic Lebanese objects and crafts, adorned with minimalist metal structure that redefine their primary use. Through unexpected combinations and apparent joinery, the reading chair and 3 lamps that where conceived from this approach play with the notions of identity and adaptation. The objects continuously move from nostalgia to the present and invite us to see our daily environment though a different lens.

Lamp made from a the typical Lebanese carafe

Technical detail :

Getting the lamp inside the carafe : a technique inspired by the ship in a bottle


Open studio in Beirut Art Residency, During the Beirut Design Week 2017 (May 23th).


Beirut Design Fair, September 2017

Award for the best initiative

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